Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Manhattan Mini Storage Could Use Some Video Ads

Spotted on Second Ave in East Village

Manhattan Mini Storage's ads have made waves in the marketing world with its humorous and sometimes controversial content. What I love about them is that they are "very New York" and often make references to current happenings and cultural trends.

The typical Manhattan Mini Storage ad would have a witty quote implying the need for more storage in Manhattan's shoebox apartments, followed by the words "storage starting from $29" and "free move" printed across without much graphics. Besides their phone number, website address and starting price, there is not much information about the storage space that they offer. These ads have done exceptionally well in grabbing people's attention and creating brand awareness, but do they translate into more storage business?

Despite their success in print and OOH ads, they have never really used video ads. After all, they provide storage space, and people would want to know how their facilities look like and what they would be paying for. By extending their creative and witty one liners to videos, and showing what they have to offer, I am sure that Manhattan Mini Storage would not only increase brand awareness, the showcasing of their products would more directly increase sales.

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